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Europe Day

United in diversity!

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Here you can find templates in different european languages.


Not long until the 9th May! We’re getting close to a special occasion – simultaneously a holiday, an anniversary and a founding day. On the 9th May 2020, we will celebrate 70 years of our European Union. Europe Day reminds us each year of how long we have been living in peace and unity.


In order to raise awareness for this special day as well as for our diversity in Europe, we are starting a social media challenge in three parts as part of our campaign for #EuropeDay. This consists of GIF-Challenges, Bingo and video messages for Instagram, Facebook etc. We want to render tangible our friendly solidarity across national borders. The highlight of this are your European stories, which you can post yourselves in the days running up to the 9th May or which you can send to us, so that we can publish them together with many others. Take this opportunity and express your love for Europe!


Below you can find explanations and social media templates for all our challenges and concepts, as well as translations into other languages. We’re looking forward to your participation!




Each one of us raised in a different country. There are beautiful stories, funny moments, love stories everywhere. There even might be a horrible past event that thanks to the four freedoms of the European Union cannot recur.


We want an emotional message! Your personal story about Europe, your emotional EU moment or your creative ideas concerning the European Union – we want you. There are no limits. Send us a video or a text message until May 3rd.


Here is what you need to do:

  • Record a video (1min) or write a text
  • Post your emotional message to your Social Media and/or send it to us
  • Use #europeday, #myeuropeanstory
  • Use our GIFs you can find under #junos or #europeday
  • On Europe Day we are going to share the most emotional messages to our @junosat social media accounts




Many of us have friends, acquaintances, work colleagues or relatives all over Europe and we are connected to each other through shared experiences and memories. In such times especially, when we seem to fall back into nationalism and drift apart because of the corona crisis, we want to keep these human connections across the continent alive.


For this challenge we are looking the best images depicting European friendship, tag your buddies in the post and leave nice greetings in the caption. It is also possible to take holiday pictures showing other places in Europe or a simple photo with your friend from the respective EU country. Let your friends know that you think of them and that you are happy to have a common home: Europe.


You can send the following text again as a direct message to the friends you want to join in and use it as a headline in your posting:

#EuropeDay #MyEuropeanBuddy Who are your European friends, acquaintances, relatives or colleagues and where are they from? Share your photos of memories, common activities or trips in Europe. I’m happy if you also participate.


Bingo & GIF-Challenge


In these difficult times, we want to raise awareness for all the positive things we have been able to experience through Europe. To this end, we thought up a small bingo and GIF challenge. You can find the templates below: just mark the things you’ve experienced and post it in your story. We want to demonstrate the huge amount on offer and the diversity available in a liberal Europe for young and old alike.


Tag your friends in the challenges and find out what they’ve all experienced in Europe! You can use the following direct message when tagging your friends.


Templates Bingo (Click to download):


Europa Bingo

Europa Bingo


Templates GIF-Challenge (Click to download):


Europa GIF


Direct Message:

Hey! Especially in these difficult times we should remember how great Europe’s diversity is! That’s what this GIF-/Bingo-Challenge is for. Here is the template, just mark the things you’ve already done and post it in your story. Tag three friends and see what experiences they share with you! #EuropeDay

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